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Hey there! My name is Sean Nelson and I own Fishing Vault. If you want the short version of the About Us page, here it is:

"I like to fish so I started a business selling fishing stuff. The end"

However, if you would like to read the ridiculously long and slightly entertaining comprehensive version, please continue reading.

I am an Entreprenuer and avid Fisherman. Here is yet another selfie of me holding up a bass. I often send these real time to my wife to try to impress her and show her that Im not getting skunked:

Well I guess you need to know a little bit about me and why I started Fishing Vault. I've always had 2 great passions:

  1. Being an Entrepreneur
  2. Fishing.

Matter of fact, my love for fishing drives my love for entrepreneurship. I've always wanted to be my own boss however, the passion really grew in my 20s.

Me and my buddies used to go on annual fishing trips in my early 20s. I would always daydream during these trips and think "I really need to own my own business so I can have more time to fish".

Before we move on, I better go ahead and show you my personal best that I caught on one of these trips to Lake Fork in Texas. Take a look at this 8.5lb Hog Master. Unfortunately, she had just spawned so just a couple of weeks before she would have weighed more.

At any rate, in 2008 I quit my corporate job and decided to chase my dreams and start my own business. I started what is now called Nelly's Security.

Unfortunately that time freedom to go fishing that I was looking for didn't come early. However I knew this going in. But I'm happy to say that after many years of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, stressful days, and sleepless nights, I finally have the business running to a point where it doesn't need me there.

I have an incredible, dedicated team running the business smoothly now so I can go fishing more! By the way, if you ever need any good security equipment, visit our website www.nellyssecurity.com 

Nelly's Security

Along the way I started a few other businesses. Like I said before, being an entrepreneur is one of my passions.

But one day I thought "How can I combine my 2 passions into one?"

My first thought was that I should enter tournament fishing and try to be the next KVD. That though lasted roughly less than a minute when I realized that I usually struggle to catch a limit. (I said I loved fishing, I didn't say I was great at it.)

I have another business in which I sell various things on Amazon. I decided to start selling fishing related stuff there. (Alot of the stuff you see on this website has been sold on Amazon for years.) Thus my combination of my 2 passions was born.

I keep talking about my 2 passions in life but let me tell you about my greatest love in life, my wife Cassidy. Here is a smokin' hot picture of her holding up a bass:

Now that I have successfully guaranteed me more allotted fishing time from my wife, let me continue the story.

Lately, I have been reorganizing some things in my life to take the combination of these 2 passions to the next level. I've decided to go beyond just Amazon selling and begin my own dedicated website selling this stuff. And thus, Fishing Vault was born.

Why did I choose the words "Fishing Vault" you ask? Well, it's quite the inspiring story filled with ups/downs, tears and laughter, and monumental sacrifice.

Brace yourself.

One day, I went to GoDaddy to try to register the website that I wanted, and guess what, it wasn't available, neither was my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice.

Then I simply just started typing things, and alas I arrived at FishingVault.Com.

Does it mean anything? No it doesn't! But I am pretty proud of the 5 minute journey that it took me to get it.

I'd like to show you one more thing. I recently achieved one of my life goals of getting a lake home at Heaven On Earth AKA Grand Lake, OK.

Here is a pic of our house that is in the middle of a remodel:

Lake House

You'll be seeing me shoot videos from here and on my dock of all the stuff I'm selling. Alot of the videos will most likely be unintentionally cheesy, yet somewhat entertaining so be sure to check back often.

All the stuff you see on Fishing Vault is all stuff I use. I really have no particular niche or theme for my business. I guess my only theme of my business is "me selling fishing stuff that I like and having a good time doing it" That is Fishing Vault folks!

Welp, that's my story. You may have read all this and thought "Well Sean, that was a nice story but it didn't really make me want to buy anything from your store". That's ok! Maybe it inspired you to chase for your dreams. Maybe it didn't, maybe you think I'm ridiculous and you got a good laugh out of it.

Or maybe you actually are interested in buying something but you feel like you just wasted several minutes of your life by reading this rambling of an About Us page.

Whatever the case may be, I hope I added value.

Hey, I know Fishing Vault is small right now, but join me on my journey to make this into a big business. Follow the Fishing Vault blog to watch me take the steps to try to turn this into a multi million dollar business. I call it "The Journey".

Cheer me on on my successes and/or laugh hysterically at my miserable failures and mistakes. Either way, it should be a hoot for anyone involved!

- Sean Nelson