Boat Lights

Red/Green Navigation Light Strips

Every fishing boat needs these! Get rid of that pesky pole by wiring these into your navigation light circuit. Super bright, super durable and low profile.

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UV Night Fishing Lights

If you do any night fishing at all, you should really check these out. These will illuminate your surroundings without spooking the fish. Available in single, 2 packs, or 4 packs.

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Boat Deck Lighting

Get those early morning and late evening boat decks lit up in style with these premium grade IP68 Rated Deck Lighting Strips. Available in multiple colors.

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Navigation Light w/ Remote Controlled Headlight

This unique and extremely nifty navigation light includes the traditional red/green pole style bow light with the added bonus of a Head Light that can be turned on/off with a wireless keyfob. Essential for those early morning and night fishing trips.

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Tungsten Fishing Weights