The Perfect Navigation Bow Light Didn't Exist... So I Created It

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I love fishing at night. It's quiet. It's breezy. But more than that, it's the best time of day for catching big ol' largemouth bass.

There's only one problem: it's dark. It can be difficult to see where you're going. Like any good night fisherman, I have a red-and-green navigation light pole-mounted on the bow of my boat so that other nocturnal boaters can see me coming. But when it comes to seeing shore lines or structures in the water, those dim lights just don't do the trick. I knew I needed something brighter, but I didn’t want to add a ton of additional equipment.

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That's why I created this light. It's a brand new take on the traditional navigation bow light. It's the same red-and-green pole-style light that I was used to, with the added bonus of a remote-controlled headlight. Keep reading to learn why I made this light, why it's the perfect light for me, and why I think you'll like it, too.

My Concerns With a Navigation Headlight For My Boat

When I set out on my journey to find the perfect navigation and headlight combo for my boat, I had a couple of concerns.

  1. I didn't want something large and bulky.
  2. I didn't want a new light to consume a whole bunch of power.
  3. It had to be easy to operate. There are a lot of night fishermen where I fish, and shining a bright headlight in their faces can prevent their ability to properly navigate. I don't want to stop the boat, dash across to the front, and fiddle around with switches every time I saw another boat coming up in the distance.

I thought it'd be easy to find a light that fit this description, but I was wrong. Every light I found was either too bulky, too power-hungry, too difficult to use, or way too expensive. So I decided to create my own.

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How This Light Is The Perfect Solution

So let me tell you about my headlight and how it perfectly fits the bill.

First, it doesn't add any bulk to my boat. It's the same size as my old bow light. The added headlight doesn't take up too much space. In fact, it's barely even noticeable when it's turned off.

You might be thinking, Well with such a small footprint, that headlight probably doesn't give off much light, right?

Wrong! Despite its small form factor, this thing is incredibly bright and allows you to see very well at night.

An image showing the difference between the same scene with and without a headlight.

Second, this light consumes very little power. About half an amp, to be exact. I didn't believe it myself, so I took my multimeter to it. Sure enough, with the light turned on, it only consumes half an amp. Therefore you wont have to worry about blowing a fuse or draining your battery.

The boat light headlight only consumes about half an amp.

Third, the remote control keyfob makes this thing incredibly easy to use. You can turn it on and off in an instant without ever having to get up and move. If you see another boater off in the distance, just push the button on the keyfob to turn the light off. No fiddling, no dashing, and no blinding other fishermen.

This light perfectly checks off every item on my list, and it does so at an affordable price. So if you're looking for a way to make your night fishing safer and easier without adding bulky, expensive, power-hungry equipment, I highly recommend checking out this light for yourself.

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Does This Light Fit On My Boat?

Great question! The answer is: most likely. Like typical navigation bow lights, this pole mount comes with the standard 2-pin connection. So if your base has two pins, you're golden.

But my base has three pins!!! That's okay, because the pole has a third false hole specifically for these kinds of situations. So if your base has three holes, you're golden.

Keep in mind that you may just have to rearrange the wires on the bottom of your existing base to fit the positive and negative orientation on this pole, but that's easy!

But my base has a non-standard connection! But I don't even have a base on my boat! Don't worry. If for some reason the pole mount doesn't fit your base, or if you don't even have a base, you're covered. This pole light comes with its own base that's easy to swap or install. So whatever mounting scenario you currently have on your boat, you'll find a way to get this guy installed in no time.

This boat light is flexible for a variety of mounting scenarios.

If you find yourself fishing a lot at night, first of all congratulations. You're probably catching more bass than your average fisherman. Secondly, you need to take a look at this light. It can help you see shore lines and structures in the water while driving, it can help you see better when you're docking your boat, and it's easy to set up and install. Best of all, you have your navigation light and headlight built into one piece of equipment, so you won't be loading up your boat with a ton of different power-draining gizmos and gadgets. Check it out today and let us know what you think!

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Get your navigation bow light with an integrated headlight today!


Troubleshooting Tip to the commonly asked question:

"I just received my light and only the red/green light is working!"

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  • How tall is the over all height of pole and how high is spot light

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