Happy New Years! More fishing planned for 2021.

2020 is finally over. What some may say was our worst year in our lifetime, I feel grateful and lucky (and somewhat guiltiy) that it was a great year for me.

We had a record year at nellyssecurity.com. We are lucky to have a business that doesn't get affected by market swings. Heck, we sometimes even do better when the overall market is doing bad.

I was able to achieve one of my life goals in 2020 which was to buy a lake house. Got a nice little fixer upper on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. You will see me posting quite a bit from here! Me and my wife just got done re-doing the tile in the kitchen which finalized the kitchen remodel. I now have a new found respect for all tile layers. That is some hard tedious work. Here is a before and after pic:

As good a year it was for me, I hated seeing America go through the struggles that it did. 

It sucks wearing a mask all the time. And what's up with those directional arrows in supermarkets?

I hate seeing the football stadiums at 25% capacity or less. On top of that, tons of college football games were cancelled.

We went to Vegas in June and half of the restaurants were closed. It hurts to see businesses struggling or shut down completely.

In addition to all of the struggles that Covid gave us, we also had the unrest of the social justice issues as well as what a typical election year brings us. 

This isn't America. I'm hoping for a more stable 2021.

Regardless of what happens, and no matter what state the world is in, I know I will find stability by heading out to the lake and dropping a line. If you are a hardcore fisherman, you know the feeling as well. 

For me, the good feelings start as soon as I get in my truck and begin heading to the lake. My mind is free during this time and all the stress begins to fade away. I've actually had some of my best business ideas during these "thinking times"

Then as soon I hit the water, its hard not to have a smile on my face. The fresh smell of the lake and the peaceful tranquility that the water brings is great for the soul.

What is my goal for 2021? More fishing. The past few years, my goals have all been mostly business and financial related. While I don't regret all of the hard work and stress that came with shooting for some of these goals, I do wish I would have taken more time to fish.

So this year is a little different for me. Instead of making it a hardcore goal to move forward at a vigorous pace, I'm making it a goal to step back and relax a little and do more of what I love which is fishing. 

Of course, if you have read the "About Us" page, I plan on mixing my hobby in with a little bit of a business plan as well. But at least this type of business wont be stressful. I started Fishing Vault to combine business with pleasure. We will see where this gets me!

I'm putting the finishing touches on the Umbrella Rig write up. Here are some pics and B-Roll footage I got.


See ya soon


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