An Indepth look at The Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig

If the bass are feeding on shad, you better have one of these in your boat!


The Umbrella Rig

Some folks love it! Some folks cuss it! What most all folks can agree on is that catches fish!

Why would folks cuss such a high producing bait and what sets the Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig apart from the others on the market?

To answer your first question, and to make a long story short, the Umbrella Rig lure is so effective that some tournaments (and even some state owned lakes) won't even let you use it. What originally was designed as a striper lure was quickly picked up by bass fishermen who wanted to gain a competitive edge.

And an edge they did indeed gain! Guys who were using these were completely dominating the field by a long shot. As you can imagine, it did not take long for tournament directors of the really big tournament trails to completely ban their use. However, most of the local tournament trails still allow them. 

Some of the hardcore guys say that the bait is too easy. Its a similar argument that hardcore bow hunters have with rifle hunters. Or hardcore compound bow hunters have with crossbow hunters. You catch my drift!

The Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig is one of the most popular selling Umbrella rigs on the net. However, we didn't invent the Umbrella Rig so why is our version so popular?

Well, lets talk about how you would normally buy an Umbrella Rig. Lets just say its very A La Carte. If you've ever eaten at an A La Carte restaurant, you know things can get expensive and you are sometimes left with decision fatigue. This can sometimes be no different.

The traditional way of buying an Umbrella Rig

Step 1: Buy the Rig itself. The actual rig consists of the head that ties on to your line along with the wires and sometimes blades that are attached to the wires. At the ends of the wires are swivels. Here is a pic of a few different types of A-rigs

Step 2: Buy Jig Heads: On the ends of the swivels of the rigs are little snaps in which you would attach your jig heads to. The jig heads give the overall bait weight and allows it to sink to proper levels. Problem is, if you ever go to a fishing tackle store, you will see a plethora of sizes, colors and weights of jig heads. Here are just a few examples:

Step 3: Buy the Swim Baits: The last piece you have to purchase are the swimbaits. These are the little fishy looking things. As you can imagine, there are tons of choices to choose from. Lets take a look at a few that are on the market:


Not only will you spend a lot of time and frustration trying to find the right color and size combo's, you will also have spent a lot of money. Easily $30-40, and usually more on just one entire setup!

 The Fishing Vault way of buying an Umbrella Rig 

We've taken the guess work and the massive financial blow out of the equation for you. For just $19.99 (free shipping included) you will get all the components to have your own Fully Rigged Umbrella Rig.

Lets take a closer look at what you will be getting.

First, lets talk colors. We went with a good neutral shad color that will work year round, in all lakes, and in all water conditions. I know when I pull up to an unfamiliar body of water, I always use shad colors for my swimming type baits. You just can't go wrong with these colors.

The head of the rig has a beautifully airbrushed scale pattern that begins with a solid black top that fades into to a shad-brown then eventually white at the bottom. Its completed with an enticing eye and airbrushed gills and that famous shad spot that drives fish nuts.

The Jig Heads have a nice grey to white fade. The eye of the jig head has a subtle holographic sparkle with a black pupil. The super sharp hooks are a great universal size for Largemouth, White Bass, and Stripers. The bait keeper notch will prevent your swimbait from sliding down on the hook.

The Swim Baits are made of the perfect density of soft plastic to ensure the perfect action. The strike inducing color combination consists of a dark grey top with subtle silver fleck and a sharp fade to white with an occasional black fleck. The paddle tail gives the bait the perfect life like swimming motion that fish wont be able to resist.

If it looks good to you, then why not try out the Fishing Vault Alabama Rig yourself!

Unboxing The Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig

Well, first of all, the Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig does not come in a box. It comes in a little bag, but this section just didn't sound right when named "Unbagging the Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig"

Whenever you receive this from the carrier and open up the shipping package, this is what you are going to see. Sorry, no fancy packaging here! The fancier the packaging, the higher the costs. Part of the beauty of ecommerce is that I do not have to spend money on fancy packaging since its not being displayed in a store. This just means lower costs for you!

Once you remove all of the contents and take them out of their little baggies, this is what you will see and is the entirety of the contents of the package. (1) Rig, (5) Jig Heads, and (5) Swimbaits.


Lets take a look at the contents next to a tape measure so you can get a good idea on size

Rigging up The Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig

Rigging up the entire bait takes a little bit longer than your average fishing bait. Its basically almost like rigging up 5 baits at one time. What I normally do to save that valuable fishing time out on the water is rig up the bait before my fishing trip. This way all you have to do is tie it on when you are ready to use!

Step 1) Put swimbaits on the jig heads. To do this you are essentially going to "worm" the swimbait on the hook. The hook should end up sticking out the top of the bait.


Step 2) Next you are going to put the jig heads on the A-rig. To do this, you will loosen up the snaps on the end of the 5 arms. Simply squeeze to open up the snap. Then slide your jig heads on the wire and snap back. Be sure to connect the snap back to it original position.

Step 3) Now that you got the everything rigged up, all you need to do is spread apart the wires to your desired width. Be sure to leave the middle one that doesn't have any blades straight down the middle. I prefer to spread them apart almost all the way horizontally because I think it looks like a bigger ball of shad that way. It's just up to you!

Wanna try rigging one up yourself? Give it a shot!

The Fishing Vault Rig in Action

Once you throw the Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig for the first time and you begin to reel it up and see it in the water in action, you will quickly realize why this bait is so effective.

This very effectively mimics a small school of shad. You'll see the swim baits in a perfect swimming motion. The blades give that unmistakable flash that you often see when a school of shad swims by and you will see a few random ones turn sideways. This looks just like that!

So you can clearly see what the bait looks like in action, I've taken a few videos in my swimming pool. As good as it looks in the swimming pool, it looks even more life like in the stained lake water. Check it out!

 Want to see the Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig on the end of your line?

More To Come...

We will be updating this page with more content periodically. Be sure to check back often!

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  • Has anyone used the A rig to troll. If so, what was your bait of choice? Best speed to trool on normal lake for strippers. I’m no tournament fisherman. I fish for food. How about any advice to keep from tangling.
    Thanks for your help!

  • I’m trying to order a umbrella rig but can get your page to let me

    Randy trent
  • I order on and it didn’t come in the mail yet

    Robert B Moore
  • Hi. I’ve already bought 2 rigs from you. They assembled just fine. I am ready to troll them in Lake Ontario and see If I can interest and trout and / or salmon? Question: Any special way to rig them [spread] so the blades do NOT interfere with one another? Do you have a lb test rating in case a 15 lb fish or heavier gets hooked? Will jig hooks bend? Is there an estimated trolling speed for optimum action? 3 -4 mph? Thanks will let you know what happens?

    Marty Piccola
  • How fast can you ship it once ordered?


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