Fishing Vault's Website Is Launched & thus The Journey Begins

Lo And Behold!

FishingVault.Com is launched!

If I could sum it all up, this is the best Fishing Website that exists. Well maybe not quite, but that's what I'm shooting for eventually so why not speak it now?

Here is a picture of me writing this blog post and I'm posing in a position as if I am in deep thought, but as you will see from my writing style and the cheesy graphic that I used for the blog post, my thoughts are as about as shallow as a spawning bass (plenty more corny jokes to come in the future).



The website is lookin a little rugged right now. I am not, never have, and never will be a good web designer on any level. So I think I'm gonna have to get Tyler and AJ from The Nelly's team to help me whip up something a little better. At any rate, if you are new to the site and you really want to buy something but you are leery because you think the site is looking like a scammers 9 year old nephew made it, don't be. I assure you, anything you buy will be shipped out within 1 business day. My nephew will ship it out himself!

All jokes aside, my nephew really will ship it out. He is not 9 though (and I'm not a scammer). My nephews name is Jared and he has been helping me with my Amazon business for a couple of years now. He is Mr. Wonderboy because he literally runs the entire Amazon business from shipping items all the way to Quickbooks bookkeeping.

For posterity purposes, I have posted images of our home page here so whenever it starts looking slick and professional, we can all look back and say "Wow, he started from the bottom now he here"


Also, if you aren't aware of what Fishing Vault is all about, check out the About Us page. To give you a quick run down, I've been selling the items you see on this site on Amazon for quite a while now. I also own a few other businesses. NellysSecurity.Com is my first and biggest business. It has allowed me the time freedom to do more fishing and make this site.

The reason why I called this blog "The Journey" is because I truly want to make FishingVault a legitimate business and I'm gonna blog about it the entire time. I'm sure you have heard people say "Go into business doing something you love". Well, this is gonna be a business based around my favorite hobby, Under Water Basket Weaving. JK, MY FAVORITE HOBBY IS FISHING! But as you can see, I'm gonna have a good time doing it! You will see all my ups and downs along the way.

If I were to guess, this blog will appeal to the following 2 groups:

Fishing Enthusiasts Obviously fisherman will find this blog interesting as I will be posting videos and blog posts about some of the products we sell from my dock and my old trusty 2005 Ranger. You may care less about the story behind my business but you may be interested in possibly buying the actual products. Thanks!! That's how we make money!

Aspiring or Current Entrepreneurs You may not like fishing or any of the products that I sell, but you may enjoy watching me try to build this business. If you are like me, I always love a good entrepreneurial story. Watching a business start small and turn into something big is always inspiring. Maybe Fishing Vault will be one of those stories.

If you are reading this around the time that I posted this, you can obviously see that my Fishing Vault business is still small. However, I want to turn this into a multi-million dollar business and you may think its laughable because I have such a long ways to go. I don't blame you!

The truth is, I don't know whether this is going to be successful or not. Of course, if I have anything to do with it, I'm gonna do everything I can to turn this into a mega success. But it could fail! That's the beauty of starting a business. Its all a risk! Its a risk that I love taking. Its a Journey.

Join me on the Journey! Sign up for the newsletter to be notified of all of my business strategies and products I bring in. Its gonna be a great time! Go to the very bottom of this page to sign up.


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