First Month Report

Our first full month in business was a fairly decent success! I made a full (still ongoing) blog about the Fishing Vault Umbrella Rig and marketed that blog on Social Media and ended up selling 262 pcs for the whole month of January!

This is how many pieces that we sold just on our website. We actually sell these on Amazon as well and in January we sold 412 pcs on Amazon! So that makes a grand total of 674 pcs for the month of January. It looks like alot of people are using Umbrella Rigs this time of year!

My goal and hope is to have my website sales surpass my Amazon sales. I think with a little bit more work on the blog, we can get there. 

Speaking of that blog, if you take a look at it, it doesn't look like much but that actually took me hours to make! Starting a business, even a hobby type business such as mine, is alot of hard work. When you love what you do though, it makes the work much easier!

What do I have planned for February? Well, currently I'm in the process of making a tungsten fishing weight blog. Sounds pretty boring, but actually to a bass fishermen, its quite fascinating. Im doing a Tungsten to Lead comparison. Check out one of my images here:



The black weights are tungsten. The silver weights are lead. Each pair weighs the same yet the lead weights are bigger. More to come..

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