Facebook Marketing began this week

Welp, its official. I am now spending money on paid advertising for Fishing Vault. Matter of fact, you may have never heard of Fishing Vault until you saw one of our paid ads on Facebook, and now, here you are!

Here are some pics of a few ads we are currently running

I can vouch that Facebook and other Social Media ads work. At my other business, Nelly's, it completely took our business to another level.
At Nelly's Security, prior to 2019, we were stuck at the same sales levels for many years. I never knew what the problem was because I was trying everything I could to add value to the business to increase sales yet nothing worked. During these years of stagnant growth, i never really paid much attention to advertising. I did it, but it was very half hearted.
It wasnt until early 2019 that I decided that I would really learn and focus on the Facebook Ad platform. I can tell you from first hand experience, its pretty confusing for the first time user. Not only do you have to learn the platform, you also need to learn the strategies to make it work. Nonetheless, after several weeks of banging my head agaisnt the wall, I finally started to gain traction on the advertising and my sales were beginning to show.
Now almost 2 years later at Nelly's, I can somewhat call myself a Facebook Marketing expert and there have been some months where we have nearly tripled our sales as compared to those stagnant years prior to early 2019. Thanks Mr. Zuckerburg!
Case in point, if you have a business and you feel like you have done everything you can to do to boost it up but your sales are stagnant, then I suggest to be become obsessed with learning advertising. You may be surprised with the results!

Next week I hope to get some more pics and videos of the Umbrella Rig that I'm selling. This thing sells like Hotcakes on Amazon! The great thing about this Rig is that it comes with everything you need. The Rig, the jig heads, and the swim baits. 
Talk to you soon. Happy Fishing!

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